Project Execution

Our Country Managers and local teams take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure that we have a deep understanding of the projects that we are supporting. Our teams strive for open and effective communication between all parties to ensure project requirements are met in a timely manner.

This is how we have operated over the last 20+ years in SE Asia.

By establishing a sound working relationship with the Client and understanding each of their project requirements, as well as company culture, we are able to accurately identify the correct candidates for each role and ensure that selected personnel are on the ground and ready to fulfil their scope of work.

Potential Scope of Work:

  1. Personnel placement services, consisting of
    • Candidates search;
    • Candidates screening,
    • Background checks;
    • CVs submission (short-listed);
    • Interview arrangement;
    • Offer management;
    • Contract management
  2. Support services in the countries where Personnel are assigned to work, consisting of:
    • Mobilisation/Demobilisation arrangement;
    • Airport Meet, Greet and Care services;
    • Transportation arrangement;
    • Accommodation vetting and arrangement;
    • 24-hours emergency support network;
    • Visa application;
    • Work Permit application;
    • Provision of medical insurance coverage;
    • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) provision.
  3. Payroll, statutory insurance, taxes and other compliance administration services, consisting of:
    • Calculation of salary/allowances and make payment to Personnel in a timely manner;
    • Registration of tax code for Personnel in the countries where Personnel are assigned to work;
    • Calculation, declaration, settlement and finalisation of Personal Income Tax (PIT), statutory insurances and other local burdens for Personnel.